Thursday, October 9, 2008

Adoption Clinic Check-up

Yesterday Zoey had her 6 month follow up at the adoption clinic at Children's South. It was supposed to be in August but I had to reschedule. Everything went great. She is still 28 pounds and was I think 31 inches tall. She is right on target for all of her developmental milestones and even a little ahead on some. The main thing they want us to work on with her now is her speech. She is a little behind there, although her comprehension is excellent. We now just have to work on getting her to say more words. They gave us some good ideas to start trying including some signing with her. We then met with the pediatrician who looked her over and probed her ears and all that good stuff that makes baby's scream! We have been concerned since she had pneumonia that she might be asthmatic (sp?) and the pediatrician agreed with us from the symptoms we talked about with her. She gave us the name of a specialist to call so we could find out for sure. She coughs alot, mainly at night, which we figured at first was her teething. Then when she ended up with pneumonia we thought, well this might not be just teething. Even sometimes on the weekends I have been able to feel her wheezing. The pediatrician told us that it was fine to use her inhaler at night before bed to help with her coughing and any other time we felt she was having trouble. That made me feel better, I have used it a few times, but was scared her body would become dependent on it, which she said was not the case. We go back in April for her one year evaluation. So to sum it up everything went very well and Zoey has not skipped a beat in her development. It is just so amazing what love has done for this little angel, she keeps us falling in love with her more and more everyday. What a blessing from God to have two beautiful, amazing, loveable, healthy, happy girls!

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Conference At The Beach....... YAHOOO!

In September, I had a conference at the Hilton at Sandestin, so the whole family tagged along for a fun beach trip while I sat in classes most of the day. Poor me!We had a really great time, however, it was during Hurricane Ike and the beach was closed most of the time while we were there. It was unbelievably windy. I can't imagine what it would've been like where the hurricane actually was because we were about to blow away, or at least Zoey was. Anyway, Madison and Zoey had a ball playing in the pools. There were three, two outside and one inside. Zoey also had a great time playing peek-a-boo with the curtains. We got some funny pictures of her, like this one where she has fixed her own hair. Doesn't she look like Betty Rubble from the Flintstones? Vince and I have been working out, can you tell? Betcha didn't know he played the ukulele either. We couldn't resist sitting in the gigantic chair, it was really interesting to see me getting up there! Madison had fun on this trampoline thing, but said the straps were killing her legs. We were just proud of her for trying it, she's usually not very brave when it comes to things like this. We got scared for a few minutes because we couldn't find Zoey, well, here she was hiding in this sign giggling watching Madison jump.Isn't she just a cutie patootie!
We went out for dinner a few times and walked around at Baytown Wharf where we took several of these pictures. It was great, we could shop, eat, and just have fun watching our girls! One night they had a band playing and kids were playing some plastic instruments on stage with them. These videos are of Zoey and Madison that night. They are a little long, but you can skip through and see her dancing, it's too cute!

We had a really great time, sometimes you just really need to get away from reality. And for us going to the beach always does the trick, it's just not ever long enough!