Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I can't believe it, one year ago today (well I am writing this on Wednesday, but won't post it until Thursday the 22nd which is our anniversary) we flew into Nanchang, checked into the hotel and went to get our precious angel, Zoey Bo Cheng. We were so jet lagged I don't think it actually sank in that she would be in our arms so soon until we were in the room trying to figure out which baby was ours. They were all so bundled up we couldn't tell until they called her name. She was so expressionless, so lost looking. It makes me so sad to think about it, but so happy because it took her no time to attach to all of us and she is absolutely the most perfect fit in our family. The time has flown by, meaning I can't believe all the things she is doing now, just like any other toddler she is quickly getting into the two's! She is constantly CLIMBING something or telling us "NO NO NO NO". She is definitely going to be a gymnist or something! It seems like she has always been with us, it's really hard to imagine our lives without her. When I see her referral picture or the pictures that the orphanage gave us it seems so surreal. I can't imagine my little rambunctious girl in the orphanage. Once she got her taste of freedom she never looked back and I mean that in every way. We have been and continue to be so blessed by having our daughters in our lives. We are completely amazed by Zoey's incredible energy, personality, and the sunshine she brings to our house. She is so smart we are constantly in awe of her. I kept trying to get video of her singing her ABC's, pointing to her body parts, and talking to her baby. All of these things are precious and I wanted to share them, but as soon as I get out the camera she is trying to take it from me to see herself on it, so that didn't exactly work. Our social worker came on Wednesday afternoon the 21st and was cracking up at Zoey the whole time she was here. She was amazed at how Zoey says words but in between words you can kind of understand she has this whole other language that she says. And while she is saying it she looks at you like you should know what she is talking about. It's so funny. God is so awesome. Just to see Zoey and how far she has come in the last year and how incredibly much our lives have changed, it's just amazing. We have been truly blessed by God to have Zoey and Madison. 2008 was a wonderful year for our family. We've had a first Easter, first birthday, first Halloween, and first Christmas and we look forward to this year in 2009 for what is in store for us all. Zoey will be 2, Madison will be 9, and Vince and I hit the big 35! Next month my grandparents will be celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary, how incredible is that? I only pray that God will grant Vince and me such a long and wonderful marriage, and that one day Zoey and Madison's children will be celebrating with us! May God bless all of our friends, family, and all the children in the world waiting for their forever family. May God grant them peace and hope for the future. Happy 1 year anniversary to all of our travel group families and their daughters from China and here's hoping to see you all soon at a reunion!

Now that's a typical family picture when you have children!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Had to take at least one tub picture and the Santa hat was an added bonus!
We couldn't get through Christmas with out our elf, Dolly!

Christmas Mass with my girls!

So precious!

Our one family shot, I think.

Ready for the snow?

Just waking up for Santa!

Yeah, a ice skating bag with wheels, thanks Santa!

Zoey needs a little help.

OOOOHHHH, she was soooooo excited!

What beautiful cousins!

Sweet sisters!

And Santa's helpers.

Zoey loves to "play" the Wii!