Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another year

In January we celebrated another year "Gotcha Day" gone by. Where does the time go? Obviously it goes by quickly, it's months and months or even years between my blog posts. With facebook now I post on there so much that I just forget about blogging. I need to get back to doing it more, it really is therapeutic! It is nice to get thoughts out through my fingers. Well, Zoey is becomming a little grown up. She is so stinking smart it astounds us everyday. She can write all her letters and even some words. She is kindof obsessed with writing actually. That's all she wants to do, anywhere we are she has paper and pen or pencil in hand. She is taking gymnastics or as she calls it "de-nastics" and loves it. Vince takes her on Mondays and she loves to come in afterwards and try to re-inact her moves for me which is pretty difficult since we don't have bars or a balance beam in our living room. Madison is in her second semester of 5th grade and in the National Honor society for the second year in a row. We are so proud of her and her grades. She quit ice skating back in the fall and is now doing tumbling. She also loves it. She has finally mastered going down into a back bend, which makes me cringe with pain to watch (especially with all my back problems!), and almost has her walk over down. She runs two miles three times a week with Vince and is running her first 5K in March. Vince got a promotion and began his new position as district manager for his company in January and is enjoying it. I celebrated my 10 year anniversary at my office last week, wow how time flies! All in all life is good and we are very blessed!