Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun at the Circus and Happy Chinese New Year!

Well, as usual I am behind in my posting. The last weekend in January me, Madison, Lee, Suzanna, Emily, and Michela all went to the circus. I hadn't been in years and Suzanna had never been before. We had a really good time and the girls got to meet some of the circus stars before the show started which they loved (sorry the pictures are so small). The show hasn't changed that much, but some things are different. There was no trapeeze, instead there were alot of acrobats on different swinging objects and the clowns were scary. They did alot of magic tricks. The next morning we went to a Chinese festival at Boutwell Auditorium to celebrate Chinese New Year. We got to watch the Dragon Dance and follow in a parade of children. We also got to watch some Chinese dance, eat Chinese food, and look at different items from China. There was also someone there from Ed's Pet World with these snakes. We were going to take my picture with one when he put them both around my neck. Next thing I know that are getting tangled in my hair! The girls, especially Madison, was so grossed out. Anyway it was a really fun and interesting day!