Sunday, July 20, 2008

Zoo fun

About two months ago we spent a fun day at the zoo, I'm such a slacker that I am just now getting this posted. Anyway we all had a great time. Vince and Madison rode a camel and Zoey and Madison had a ball playing in the water.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Family update

I have so many pictures to post, some even a month old, but can't seem to find the time to spend uploading them to my blog. I thought I would just post a little update while on my lunch hour at work. Two weeks ago Madison had some minor oral surgery to have her frenum (sp?) removed, that's the muscle that connects your upper lip to your gum. Her's was way to large and separating her front teeth. She did amazing for a little girl with lots of anxiety. Last week she spent the week at my mom's with her cousins for Music Camp at FBC Huntsville. They go every summer since starting school and always have such a blast spending a week with Nana and Grandaddy. Their program was on Sunday night and was absolutely precious. Madison and Suzanna both had speaking parts in their program about seasons and Emily precious face sparkled as her group performed a story about Mary and Martha. Zoey is growing like a week and is a small 26lbs at 13 months old. She is busy as a bee, into absolutely everything ( I mean we have to really watch the toilet lids to make sure they are shut). We bought her first pair of Stride Rite white leather high tops last weekend and she measured a 4 1/2 wide, bless those little chunky feet. She has become VERY attached to her blanky and wants to carry it everywhere, which is really funny to us because as embarassing as it is to admit on my blog, I still have my blanky. Yes, almost 34 years old and I still have it. So she has inherited something from her mother, haha. She is getting more and more vocal, saying a few understandable things like MaMa, DaDa, Baba (bottle), Daa (Madison) and has made up her own little signs like clapping to answer "yes". She loves Elmo and Barney, but NOT when they are in a stuffed form, only on TV. She is not to keen on dolls, ESPECIALLY that talk or sing (that terrifies her), or stuffed animals. She is becoming more and more snuggly with us. She follows Madison EVERYWHERE she can and always wants to know where she is, even yelling "Daaaa" if she thinks she is upstairs. It's just amazing to see how far we've come since January. God is truly so good! Please keep my grandmother in your prayers. She had a total shoulder replacement on Monday and is doing really well, but the physical therapy is going to be extremely hard and painful. The way that she is though she won't ever complain about it, she'll just do it. My friend Tricia that is in the post below, had her baby yesterday. At 11:34 they welcomed Luke Richard Morris into the world, 8lbs, 19 inches long. I can't wait to see him! Congratulations to Tricia, Jon, and big sister Ella! My brother Joseph and his wife Summer are coming in from Alaska on June 30th. His 10 year high school reunion is that weekend, so we are going to Huntsville to visit. They haven't gotten to see Zoey yet, I am so excited to get to see them. They don't exactly get to come to Alabama that much being as they live in Valdez, Alaska. School starts on August 7th, I can't believe I am about to have a 3rd grader. Vince and I will celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary on August 9th and then I will be 34 in September. Time flies by doesn't it! I'll try to get some new picture posted soon if I can get some time to post them, we've been so busy lately. Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Fun #2

These are some cute pictures of Madison and her cousins Emily and Suzanna, at the bowling alley one day last week. They have had a great time getting to see each other almost everyday this summer. Check out the form on those girls! Lee and I are so glad that they are so close! I have to say that it is really sad that my 8 year old can bowl a better game than me. I am terrible, unless I am on the Wii. I rock at bowling on that thing!

Several weeks ago I met my two best girlfriends in Huntsville for a sleepover - catch up night. On the left is my friend Alison, who lives in Atlanta and is a newlywed! Congratulations to her and Trey! And on the right is my friend Tricia, who lives in Nashville and is expecting her second baby on the 22nd of July. We have been friends since the 6th grade and have remained close all these years.

My Grandma's Birthday

The last two summer's around the 4th of July my grandparents have rented a house on Guntersville Lake and had us over for a day of fun and fishing.

Look at those cute beach babes!

Zoey got to try out wearing shoes, literally walking in them for one of the first times. She did pretty good after realizing that she couldn't shake them off her feet, but still is not a huge fan of them!

My Grandmother's birthday is July 1st so it's really a birthday celebration.

Me and the girls drove over on Saturday the 28th of June, Vince was sick so he missed out on the fun. Lee, Tyler, and their girls, my parents, and my great aunt and uncle were all there too.

I think all the girls caught at least one small fish and got in the lake at some point.

Several enjoyed a nice round of horseshoes and I tried to play ball with Zoey.

She wasn't too interested in giving it back!

I have to say my navigating of the dingy was not so great, that's a job for "Uncle Vince/Daddy" and since he wasn't there I gave it my best shot, but was inevitably told that I wasn't good at it and no fun.

Uncle Tyler did a much better job when he and Emily went out.

Madison and Suzanna stuck with just swimming.

We ate too much, just visited with each other and enjoyed the wonderful day at the lake!