Friday, September 4, 2009

Cirque De Chine-Pigeon Forge TN Adopted Children from China Reunion

Obviously I have been so behind (as usual) in blogging. This summer has been extremely busy and now here we are into the schoolyear. Where does the time go? In July the group that we traveled with in China met up in Pigeon Forge, TN. The Cirque de Chine Show performers sent out a notice that they were have a reunion of sorts for families with adopted children from China. One of the members of our group who lives in TN sent the notice out to us and we decided to make it a reunion time of our own. We had such a great time. The theatre had activites set up during the day on Saturday that consisted of Chinese games and crafts, then they served an authentic Chinese food buffet followed by the Cirque de Chine show, which was wonderful. The most incredible part of the weekend though was getting our girls together and watching them interact after this last year and a half. It was amazing to see all of there little personalities and see how they had all changed and become these active, independent little girls. All of them now with families and some with their siblings. It was just great. At the theatre on Saturday a woman approached me and started asking some questions. Come to find out she was from the local paper and Zoey ended up on the front page with one of the other girls baby sister. It was so neat! We had about 20 people approach us and ask me if I had rolled Zoey's hair, she definitely was the ONLY one with curly hair. She is absolutely one of a kind.

These were some of the performers that would let the children have their pictures made with them. They actually did a big group picture on stage after the show, but Zoey pitched a fit so she and Madison didn't make it into that one.

Madison picking up marbles with chopsticks.

These drummers were amazing! They performed several times throughout the show and Zoey would drum right along with them, it was too cute!