Friday, April 25, 2008

Medical update

Really since we've been home no major ailments for anyone. I thought I would give a synopsis of Zoey's health since we've been home. She went for an eval at the adoption clinic and everything was great, but she had some fluid in her ears so we did a round of antibiotics. She went for her first pediatrician visit and again everything looked great and she got her first round of vaccines in March. About a week after that she started running a fever of 102 so I took her back to the pediatrician and they said her ears were a little red but no biggie. Then the next night, March 31st, she literally screamed ALL NIGHT LONG, so I knew she had an ear infection if not both ears. So April 1st I took her to one of my ENT's after I did tympanograms on her and sure enough she had two infections. We did a round of antibiotics and scheduled to go back in three weeks. Last Friday afternoon the 18th she saw Dr. Lewis for an eye exam and everything looked perfect! Monday she went back for her second round of vaccines and she has done great. She has been sleeping fine, but ever since we got her she has always pulled and batted at her ears. We've wondered if it was a self soothing thing or if they really bothered her because she does it mostly at bedtime. Well we went for recheck of her ears this morning and she still has fluid. Being an audiologist I know all the "we can do this for so many weeks, or we can try this", but I just said, "Tubes is my choice. Let's do it!" So next Thursday morning Zoey is having tubes put in her ears. We went through this with Madison too and I know it will be fine. So that is a brief summary of everything, just keep her in your prayers next Thursday!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fun at the Park!

Sunday April 20th was a beautiful day. After church we headed to the Zoo for an afternoon of fun, but plans changed quickly because the zoo was so packed you couldn't even get off the exit ramp (the zoo was free for Earth Day). We decided to head to the park for a fun afternoon with the girls and their cousins. Obviously the swing was Zoey's favorite thing at the park and the girls had fun pushing her.

She wasn't quite sure about the slide!

After the park we headed for something cool to drink at Smoothie King and Starbucks, then home for a restful afternoon.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Crazy, Stormy Fridays

The last few Fridays here in AL have been crazy as far as storms go. We've gone from 80 degree weather to high 40's and then back to 80's. With this drastic change in weather comes wind, hail, and tornadoes. Thank God we have been lucky enough to not have had any damage close to us, but the storms have still made us uneasy. These are just some pictures I took of Mom and Zoey watching one of the storms blow in.
Hopefully, for this storm season, we are done with tornadoes and hail. It's already too hot for me, I am ready for fall!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A weekend at Desoto State Park

Several weeks ago our friends the Bosworth's had invited us to spend a weekend at Desoto State Park with them over spring break. We were so excited about getting away for a weekend and also apprehensive because this would be our first time going out of town with Zoey. When you have children you know that your kids are never going to sleep as well away from home, I don't even sleep good away from home. But all in all she did fine and we had a wonderful weekend. We got to relax too because there was lots of helpers to take care of Zoey!We had hoped for sunny weather, which we didn't get. And it was a little cooler than we expected, but we didn't have too much rain and were still able to get out and ride our bikes, and do some hiking. I think that Zoey really loved all the attention from Alec and Gibson. The kids all had a great time playing with Zoey, but believe me she let them know when she had had enough! When we got there on Friday we went for a bike ride. It was pretty bumpy for some of us older folks (me!), but it was a lot of fun to watch the kids (and the adult men) goofing around and relaxing. My bike wasn't made for offroading! Say "Hello" to our campfire master Pat. Friday night we cooked out hotdogs and made Smores, which I hadn't had in years. What a great night! Zoey didn't sleep so great, but the kids did so Saturday was nice. They all bunked on the floor and the adults got the beds, although I don't know which was more comfortable. No bed is ever as good as yours at home!Zoey took a good nap that morning while the boys went on a mountain trail bike ride. It pretty much wore the grown boys out I think! Pat and Vince looked pretty pooped when they got back, but Alec and Gibson were ready for another ride. We drove up to Desoto Falls, which was absolutely beautiful. I don't know if I had ever been there. For some reason I think I might have in college, but am not sure. After that it was back to the cabin for lunch and then out for an afternoon hike. Zoey spent half the weekend covered in Cheese Puffs! And she tried Grahm Crackers too, which were a big hit! Saturday late afternoon Hope, Zoey, and I ran into Fort Payne to get some more soft drinks and a birthday cake for Gibson, because his birthday was Sunday March 30. While we were gone the guys got a campfire going and cooked out some burgers. We got back and ate and then had birthday cake, which Zoey really enjoyed I must say! After that it was back to the campfire to enjoy our last night away. Poor Zoey was so exhausted after a fun filled day on the mountain, which so were we all. It was a great quick little getaway!

Zoey is on the move!

Well last Thursday (which when I started this post would've been 3-27) Zoey officially started what I consider crawling. Others may call is scooting or creeping, but whatever the classification-she is EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! When I say everywhere I mean it. No area unexplored no anything unturned. We have managed, somehow, to not venture to the steps yet, but I know it won't be long. She is such a busy body, but she has started finally sleeping through the night and it has to be because she is wearing herself out! She is also pulling up on anything and everything. It doesn't matter if it is a block or the dog, she will find a way to stand up. I truly think she will be walking within the next month. She is walking around holding our hands, and even tries to let go one hand at a time. Of course with pulling up comes the injuries, luckily no major ones yet, but she will be my child to go to the emergency room. She is fearless when it comes to that. The only thing she seems to be scared of is still the dog, although that is getting much much better. She just doesn't want her in her face at all and Scout is an in your face kind of dog. She would give everyone a lick bath if they would let her.
I can't even get a picture of them together because she won't sit close to her long enough to take one. Although now that she has started eating Cheerios she thinks it's funny to tease Scout with them and will wave it in her face and then NOT give it to her. It's so amazing to see how far her development has come in these short months we've been home. People had told us she would catch up in her motor skills but I don't think either of us expected it this quickly. God has truly blessed all of us. I knew all this time our lives would change in many ways, good ways, and this unbelievable gift that is Zoey has exceeded all of my hopes and dreams thus far. I thank God everyday for my beautiful girls, our miracle born to us, Madison, and the child He chose for us, Zoey. Of course every family has it's up and down moments and some days it seems it's more downs for some reason, but even on those days I can get in my bed at night with the world's most wonderful husband and be amazingly overjoyed with the life that God has given me and I know how blessed I am.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE.....a little late!

What a wonderful Easter Weekend we had. We started on Friday night with our nieces coming over for a sleepover and dying Easter Eggs. We had an obscene amount of eggs to dye thanks to Nana contributing them. We had all kinds of dyes to use, including stickers and glitter. The eggs all turned out so pretty, the girls did a great job. What would an egg dying event be without a major spill. Poor Suzanna, at least it washed out! And Emily had a nosebleed in the middle of it too, but I thought I would spare you all a picture of that. Vince built a big fort in the den for the girls to sleep in. He's tried on several occasions to build a good one, but the blankets just won't stay up, so this time we brought in a small portable shelter that you would use on the beach and then put blankets on that. It worked really well and the girls had fun. Zoey and even Scout tried to get in on the fun! They all curled up and watched The BEE MOVIE, which they said was good, I didn't get to see any of it. Vince and I had clean up duty in the kitchen. Saturday we played, rode bikes (which by the way Zoey looks so precious in her helmut but will NOT leave it on, no matter how tight we have it she can get it off), and relaxed. Easter Sunday we got up and went to Mass and then went to my sister Lee's for Easter lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt. Before changing clothes we had to take advantage of the beautiful day and make some family pictures. I know I am partial, but the girls looked so precious! I just love how the pictures turned out! Such an angel, God is so amazing to bring two beautiful girls into our lives. I am such a blessed mother and wife to have been given my wonderful family!We spent the afternoon at their house with all of our families and the Benedict family. Tyler cooked out ribs and chicken, which were delicious. Everyone brought a little something for a side dish and then we had bunny carrot cake for desert. The egg hunt was a hit. There were even prize eggs with money for the kids to find. Look at all those smiles after the cash had been found!

Vince decided to let Zoey try out the trampoline. She thought that was the most fun thing in the whole wide world. She laughed so hard just bobbing up and down on it (of course he didn't bounce her high or even off the trampoline). It was just amazing to think that a year ago around Easter I started our blog and here it is a year later and we are a family of 4! It was a blessed Easter weekend!