Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fun with Nana

My mom has been staying with us since I had surgery last Thursday which has been awesome, but hard at the same time. Everyone says I am supposed to relax, but that is kind of hard when your baby is screaming and holding onto your leg because you can't pick her up or tuck her in. Next week will be tough too because I am going back to work Monday, which means she goes back to daycare, and I still can bend over or pick up anything over 10 lbs. In some ways I think it's been good for Zoey though because she is VERY attached to me and she has been spending more time with Vince too which has been good for their attachment. He has been putting her to bed and she goes right to sleep. I think when I am back to my old self it will help me out in some of life's daily activities that they are more attached. Your really don't realize how much you stoop and bend at the waiste on a daily basis, not doing that has been REALLY hard!
Well anyway, not only has my mom been taking care of Zoey because like I said I can't pick her up or anything, but she also has knack of getting your house in order. She has organized my kitchen, cleaned out Madison's room, redecorated Madison's room (that's her Christmas present from my parents) and is cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Mom has gotten some precious pictures of her. That precious angel face just makes me melt. She is a little stinker too, always trying to sneak up the stairs. And the really scary thing is that she has made all the way to the top twice and we didn't even know it until she came walking into the room upstairs, once I was up there the other time Vince was.She is trying to put on her socks and shoes herself now and gets so frustrated when she can't get them on. Zoey LOVES this little house toy. She will play with it the longest that she has ever played with any other toy really. And she really likes it when someone else will crawl in and out of the door with her. (Jan, obviously the whole family has gotten to enjoy this wonderful toy you gave us) It's the highlight in our den! Zoey didn't like it that Vince was walking around with it on like he was stuck in it, but we thought it was hysterical!
Yesterday afternoon Mom and Zoey were playing outside in Zoey's playhouse. Vince got this playhouse at a yard sale in our neighborhood about 2 months ago for just a few dollars and Zoey LOVES IT!!!!! I am in love with my moms camera. I was playing with it and got some cute pictures while they were playing and a little video. I just love to hear her laugh!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Update for last two months....

I feel like such a slacker when I check all my blogger friends and see that they update their blogs like everyday. I just don't see how you do it. I have to wait until I have back surgery and am stuck in the house not doing anything before I can work on mine.
Well lets see, since my last post several things have passed. Everyone has had their flu shots and had a cold and had a stomach virus. It's just that time of year I guess. Zoey and Madison are both doing great. Zoey has started saying a little more. She actually said, "bye" the other day and didn't just wave. I was so excited. Madison got straight A's on her report card and on her progress report this week. Zoey has been through a bout with a horrible yeast infection of all things. And I don't know about all my other China doll parents babies, but Zoey has really bad eczema all over and I have been having to use special lotion to help keep it under control.
The second weekend in October one of the family's we traveled with in China came to Birmingham to visit some of their friends and we were able to meet up for a picnic and playtime. It was so much fun to watch these girls in action. They are from the same orphanage and as Elyza's mom says, "they are Poyang Sisters". We had a really great time catching up and we live just a few hours from each other which is so great. While we were having our mini-reunion there was another group from the Birmingham area having a reunion too. Their children were special needs, but it was so random that we were all at the same park on the same day. We took turns taking each others pictures and exchanging email addresses to we could try to get together.

Zoey just after a bath. Check out the fro on this girl! I just love it!

Zoey LOVES her sister "DAAA" as she calls Madison.

Fun Reunion, hopefully the first of many.

Elyza taking on the slide herself. What a big girl!

The Poyang Sisters, Zoey and Elyza!

During these past two months we also had Halloween. Zoey's Nana bought her this precious pumpkin outfit so I put her in it for daycare that Friday.

With her beachball belly, she fit the outfit perfectly and was definitely the cutest pumpkin I ever saw! On Halloween afternoon they have Trick-or-Treating on Main Street where we live. All the businesses give out candy to the kids. We decided to do that in the afternoon. Of course Zoey didn't quite get the concept, she just knew that people were giving her something and had to stop every foot to take inventory of her bucket. My friend gave us the adorable hand me down bumble bee outfit and then Madison kind of invented her own outfit. I told her she looked like Morticia Adams but she didn't have any clue who that was. After about two hours of getting too much candy for an army we went home. Zoey and Vince gave out candy and me, Madison, Neely, and Hope went to see HSM 3. If you haven't seen it and you liked the other two HSM movies on Disney Channel you should see the final one. It was cute!

Saturday November 1st we had a costume party fundraiser at our church. It was a 70's theme party. Vince and I dressed as matching hippies. Lee and Tyler were disco dancers. We had such a great time. It was really fun wear these costumes and to see everyone at church dressed up too. Several people didn't know who we were and some others who wanted their pictures made with us. Of course Vince looked so helarious with the black hair and mustache I barely recognized him either. One of the first weeks of November, Madison had a school Thanksgiving program at school. She had been picked for a speaking part and also to hold a cut out turkey for one of the songs. She did such a great job, well all of the kids did. Their music teacher, Ms. Henderson, does a really great job with the kids. They are all very animated during their part and the programs she chooses for the kids to do are the perfect length and have some really cute songs in them. We are very proud of all the kids in the program, but especially our Madison!
Over the last year I have had 7 epideral blocks in my back. I have had problems on/off with my lumber 4 and 5 since Madison was born and have been able to see the chiropractor and other things to keep on going, but over the last 6 months it has gotten a lot worse. At the beginning of October Vince and I went to my neurosurgeon and after debating it decided that I should have surgery. So Thursday November 20 (day before yesterday) I did. I had immediate relief in my left leg and hip. I have just been amazed. Of course now I am having to get over the surgical aspect of it but am doing really well. This is not to say that I won't have more problems in the future because I do have other disk issues, but hopefully I won't have that nerve pain that I have been fighting. Thanks to all my family and friends that have been so sweet and helpful.

Madison has been skating her little booty off getting ready for the Pelham Skate School's annual Christmas Ice Show. She is on a synchronized skating team this year and we are so proud of her. These kids are just incredible (of course we think so). If any of you are interested in coming the show is on Friday December 5 and Saturday the 6th.