Monday, December 8, 2008

A year anniversary!

Yesterday, if you can believe, was the anniversary of the day that we first saw our sweet Zoey's little face, the one year anniversary of our referral date. I can believe it's been that long because I don't feel like she hasn't ever been with us. We had some friends over for the AL/AU game and Christine was looking at one of our photo albums. The pictures that the orphanage gave us of Zoey that they had put in a little album for us were in there and it is kind of surreal looking at them. It's just like a biological child, you can't remember your life without them almost. I can't believe that it is her in those pictures in ten layers of clothing sitting in the dirt outside the Poyang SWI. And coming back to reality that it is her makes me tear up everytime. So we celebrate our little girl and how far she has come since that day, (how far they ALL have come)

that we sat at our computers at work and saw her picture for the first time and cried because we couldn't wait to hold her in our arms. Now she is ours completely and always will be. What an amazing journey for her and us!