Sunday, July 29, 2007

Zoey's Room

Well, Zoey's room is pretty well finished. There are a few things that I still want to do in there, like put a small two shelf bookshelf under her window. I also need to put some pictures of our family in a muliple picture frame I have to hang over her bed, and need to get a cover to go over the changing table pad. Other, than those little things her room is READY AND WAITING!

This is looking into her room from the door. Some things that were Madison's are perfect in her room, like the big pink cushion seat that Madison has outgrown and a few stuffed animals, like Dopey in the corner. The painting around the top of the walls was done by a friend of ours and matches her bedding. Amy did a fantastic job painting, she is so talented. It looks beautiful!

This is looking at the wall between the door from the hall and the bathroom. Again, a hand-me-down from Madison, her play kitchen, which will be perfect for Zoey when she starts walking.

We saved our nursery furniture from when Madison was born, but got new bedding for Zoey. It's so pink, everything, which Madison loves, too.

We've gotten two Asian baby dolls, this one in the bed is an older doll, but one that is still plush, the other seen below, we had bought over a year ago and Madison started carrying it everywhere, so we had to order another one for Zoey. I found the Chinese cradle at an antique store in Irondale and to buy it for her room.This is to the left when you come into her room looking toward the closet door, which already has some hand-me-down clothes from Madison, but who knows what size Zoey will wear and I didn't keep anything smaller than 12 months.

It's so exciting that we are only looking at a few months more of the waiting process, but it is also really scary. We've been preparing for so long, several years now, but you still don't feel ready in some ways. It's the same when you are carrying a baby too though. I remember being so ready to have Madison, but then when it came time for her birth I was thinking," What have we done, I am not ready for this". I know it will all come back to us when we finally have her in our arms, but the differences in your child being attached when they are born and having to go through the process of having your child attach to you is a very scary thing. I know that God will be there the whole time and He will be strong for us. We should be getting an update from the CCAA soon, hopefully it will be at least 7 days again. Maybe will get the biggest Christmas present ever this year! We absolutely can't wait to be parents again and Madison is about to bust to see and hold her little sister. Continue your prayers for Zoey, for her safety, her health, and all of those caring for her right now. We have friends in China now, who will be coming home soon, pray for their family, for quick attachment time with their children; Kimmie and Quan from China, that they adjust to their new family and 4 siblings, and that they all adjust and settle in quickly when they get home this week. We also know two other families in China right now who will be returning soon, keep them all in your prayers! We'll keep you updated. We love you all and thank you for your love and support!

Monday, July 23, 2007

The View From Alaska

Obviously, from my posts we have a very close family on both sides. We love getting to spend time with them all and are blessed they that are all so close, my parents and grandparents being the furthest in state and they are in Huntsville just an hour and a half from us. Well my brother is actually the furthest from "home", he and his lovely wife, Summer, live in Valdez, Alaska. They moved there almost two years ago and because of the adoption we haven't been able to go up and visit since we are saving money and time off. Thank goodness we have seen him twice since the move, but it is hard with them being so far away. Joseph is in the United States Coast Guard and is Petty Officer First Class, as of this June. We are all so proud of him and the career he has chosen. Summer is working in Valdez as well, she does drug testing and interviewing of the crews that come into port, which has been enforced much more since the Exxon Valdez oil spill. They also have a dog, Achilles, who is their baby! Joseph and Summer recently went fishing and sent me some pictures of their trip and some Killer Whales they saw.

It's hard to see, but there is a fin in the middle both of these pictures.

This one is easier to see!

They did good catching some halibut. I think Summer's fish is bigger than Joseph's!

And here is Summer and their baby, Achilles, he's a very large baby isn't he?
They also hike with Achilles alot and go 4 wheeling. These are some pictures they sent of a mother grizzley bear and her cubs, so I thought I would share them. The bears are a little hard to see but in most of the pictures they are about in the middle. Joseph said their were people about 10-15 feet away from them, which is very dangerous, and there have been warnings posted to stay away from them. They kept a good distance, but were able to catch some beautiful pictures.

I love this picture because you can see that little grizzly cub head in the middle of the picture sticking out of the grass. The scenery is just amazing to me and this is a place where they hike frequently. I can't imagine seeing that incredible view in town!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July 4th

I know I am way behind on getting my blogging done, but it just seems like there is not enough time in the day to do it all. July 4th was a great time this year. We started off my going to Guntersville Lake to a cabin my grandparents rented for week and had a wonderful time celebrating my grandmothers birthday. Madison had her first fishing experience and I think that all of the girls caught at least one fish. Grandpa got a blow up boat so the kids had fun getting to go out in that too. It was really the first swimming in the lake experience for most of the girls too I think. On Wednesday July 4th we got to spend the day with the Blaszczynski side of our family. They all came over for lunch and we all ate too much, but boy was it delicious thanks to Chef Vince. We had a great time getting to visit and spend some time with our precious nephews and niece. You can't help but be entertained when little boys are around, especially Christopher and Joel. They are too cute for words! And of course Sarah, isn't she a sweetie pie. Of course I spent my day snuggling with this little angel! Thank You God for blessing us with such a wonderful family!

Music Camp

Last week Madison and my three nieces went and spent with week with their grandparents in Huntsville to attend Music Camp at my parents church. They can start attending once they have finished kindergarten so this year Suzanna, my youngest niece was able to attend too. They had an absolutely wonderful time and it wasn't bad for us either to have a week off, of course we missed her terribly. It's too quiet in the house when she's not here singing constantly or practicing ice skating in socks on the hardwood floors. The first and second grade put on a musical and then the third through 6th grade put on a separate one. All week they got ready by learning lines, songs, different instruments, and even some dances. Each day was tied in with bible stories and activities. It's so fun to see what all they learned come together in their performance. Madison and Emily's group did a story of the birth of Jesus from the animals perspective. Madison had a speaking part as a sheep and Emily got to play the bongo drums in celebration of Jesus' birth. Suzanna's group did their performance on Friday afternoon so I didn't make it for that one. Michela's group did their performance after Madison and Emily on Sunday night but we left to drive back to Springville. I know they did a great job though. We got to see Michela do sign language to a song on Sunday morning during worship service. Besides music camp they got to spend a great week with Nana and Grandaddy, Memaw and Pepaw. The girls had such a great time getting to shop with Nana and have movie day and they love getting to snuggle and play with Grandaddy. It is something they look forward to every summer and something they will cherish in the memories.

The weekend before the 4th was my grandmothers' birthday and we went to Guntersville Lake to celebrate. I have more pictures I just haven't uploaded all of them yet. These are some pictures of Madison fishing for the first time and Vince taking my nieces and Madison out for a spin in the dingy! Everyone had a great time!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

CCAA Update

The CCAA updated their website Friday July 6th. They've now issued referrals through November 14th, 2005 and we are LID on 12-12-05, so 28 days away! It seems so close, but still potentially is 4 to 5 months away from our referral. We are staying hopeful that we will get Zoey's picture before Christmas. We just have to hold tight to our prayers and remain faithful in them that God has His plan in place for us and our family. It's taken me a long time to realize that my life goes so much more smoothly when I remember that He is in control and not me. I am here to do His will and not mine, and His will is for Zoey to come into our lives in His time! Thanks to everyone for your prayers! "Faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see" Hebrews 11:1.