Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend!

The previous weekend got off to a great start. Vince was off on Friday so he finally went and got the first of his Hepatitis vaccination that he needs for China. Then also on Friday, WE GOT MADISON'S PASSPORT!!!!!! Yeah, we can all travel now! It took exactly 12 weeks to get it so anyone waiting on a passport, hang in there! We went to Huntsville for the three day weekend to spend time with my parents and grandparents. It was a great relaxing weekend full of fun in the sun at the pool and catching up on some movies. Tyler, Vince, Michela, and Emily took in a opening weekend showing of Pirates of the Carribean 3: At World'd End. They all enjoyed it, but thought that the first two were better than this one.
The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying the outdoors with family. Vince, Madison, Tyler, Emily, and Suzanna enjoyed a round of horseshoes. Look at those pros posing for their photo-op!

See them in action, what moves!

We all enjoyed great food thanks to Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa. The ribs, slaw, corn, and grilled veggies were absolutely mouth watering, not to mention the delicious trifle for desert!

How sweet Great-grandmother and great-granddaughters smile for a beautiful moment!

Smile everyone you're on Amanda Candid Camera!

There are some of the cooks in action by the grill!

Hey Mom and Michela, what a precious picture of grandmother and granddaughter!

Sisterly love, there is nothing like it!

Obviously we had a wonderful weekend full of family fun. We can't wait until Zoey can enjoy this wonderful family with us!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy 7th Birthday Madison!

Madison and I started off the day bright and early by watching the video of right after she was born and came home. You forget how tiny they were. Of course I cried and we both were amazed at how old our dog looks now in comparison to 7 years ago. We then were off to the nail salon for a manicure and pedicure, how girly! Then we went to Starbucks for a frappucino because I have to have that whenever I can and then to the pool for fun in the sun! What a great day at the pool with the Bosworths! Thanks for a great birthday. We topped the day off with dinner at Red Robin with Madisons' Nona, Poopa, and Uncle Dave, where she got one of her most treasured birthday gifts, besides her Webkin from Nana and Grandaddy, the 5th season of Full House on DVD. Happy Birthday Peanut! We love you!

Busy Weekend!

This past weekend was really busy for us as usual. Madison had her dance recital on Saturday night, which meant rehearsal on Friday night until late. Of course she woke up early Saturday morning sick, which also meant she missed ice skating class and a birthday party at 11. Thank God, by late morning she was feeling much better and ate a little and slept for a few hours. When she woke up she was as good as knew so we went ahead and let her dance. I sure wish that us adults were as resilient as our children. When I am sick it's for days! Anyway the recital was great and we had fun sharing it with family and friends.

Sunday was Vince's birthday, my brother in law, Tyler's birthday, and my niece Emily's First Communion. We spent a wonderful Sunday at church with family and friends celebrating such a special time for Emily. Afterwards we went back to my sisters for a great BBQ lunch from Jim-N-Nicks (yum) complete with about 4 different deserts for First Communion and for birthdays! It was delicious!
We couldn't have asked for a more wonderful weekend (without the stomach bug)! And Madison lost another tooth, so now she is the toothless wonder!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm tagged

So, last Friday night I ran into my friend Laine at dance recital practice and she told me she had tagged me, which apparently means I am supposed to tell 7 things about myself that people might not know. Before that, I have to say how blessed I am to have her for my friend. She is one of the strongest, most wonderful people I know and I am truly amazed at her spirit!
I am supposed to tag someone else too, but I don't really know any other bloggers, but here are my seven things:
1. I LOVE Barry Manilow and the Carpenters. I have seen Barry in concert three times and would go a million more!
2. I took ballet for 8 years and danced on point. I wasn't ballerina material, but would absolutely love to take an adult ballet class.
3. I love to sing. I've never had the guts to really sing in front of people, I mean I did in high school at church and in church choir, but not in front of people now. I wish I did, but I would be so embarrassed.
4. I am terrified of being a mommy again. I know this time it will be similar, but different as well. The thought of Flying for 15 hours to China scares me to death and I feel sick to my stomach thinking about it. I am so worried about being in another country. I know it's like labor in that it will ABSOLUTELY be worth it and once I'm on the plane I won't even think about being scared any more because I will be so overcome with the joy of meeting my sweet baby!
5. If I could choose any job in the world I would want to be a cartoon voice over! I think that would be so much fun.
6. Right after Vince and I got married I started watching The Crocodile Hunter and I cried when I found out Steve Irwin died. I've wanted to go to Australia for years and visit the Australia Zoo that he and his wife ran together.
7. Although it's been a very long and emotional process to adopt, I would like to adopt another child. God has put every person on this earth for a reason, and each person has their own way of ministering God's word to others. Some of us have several ways of ministering and God lets us know how He wants to use us to do His work. One way I can follow Him is by helping people to hear better, by being an audiologist. But I know in my heart that He also wants Vince and I to have a larger family and that means opening our home, our hearts, and our lives to a child that needs a mommy and daddy. If this is what He wants for us I know that door will open eventually and He will show us the way through it.

As we get closer to getting our Zoey, please keep us in your prayers. It's been a long journey already, but we still have a ways to go!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Blessed Mom!

This past weekend was a busy one. We started out Saturday with ice skating as usual. Ice skating is all year round, so we stay busy with it on Saturdays, but Madison has such a passion for it and is good! I have no clue where she developed that talent, definitely not from me! Being athletically challenged myself I have really enjoyed watching her excel at a sport, especially one that she loves. In June she will have been taking for a year and she has advanced seven levels, we're so proud of our ice princess!
After ice skating, Madison and I got to go to a wonderful birthday tea party for our friend Bailey. It was absolutely incredible. All the girls got to make tiaras, pick out some fancy jewelry, were given feather boas, and got glitter sprinkled on them to add a little fancy! They had such a great time. All of the food was so delicious and the cake was in the shape of a big flowered hat. The birthday girl will be set for art supplies for the rest of the year!
The final stop of the day was for our nieces dance recital. They did such a wonderful job. They both were center stage for both their dances and were the only ones who actually knew the whole dance. It was a shining moment and we were all so proud!

It was a perfect mother's day weekend, God has truly blessed me with wonderful friends and family.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here We Go Again!

So, Vince just got done at the orthopedist and he is having knee surgery on June 7th. Oh joy! He had found out already that he had multiple injuries to his knee, but found out today that surgery was for certain. His injuries include; a strained MCL-meniscofemoral ligament, his knee cap had been displaced but moved back into place, bruising on his bone, and torn meniscus. And I'd like to say "Thanks" to the doctor that told him he would be back running and playing soccer again in about 6 weeks, because that is, of course, what he was sure to tell me after his appointment. He'll be back to work in a day or two after the surgery just on cruches most likely and will have to start physical therapy the day after surgery. Thank God it will be done arthroscopically, so no large incisions. We've had enough of those!

Monday, May 7, 2007

CCAA Update

We had heard rumors that when the CCAA did referrals they were only going to do about 2 days worth again. Then we heard that they were going to get through November 1, 2005. They were off all week last week for a holiday in China and although we knew referrals had gone out we were holding our breath as to whether the CCAA had actually gotten through November 1. They have just updated their website and they did get through 11-1-05. That means that we are 42 days away (not literally). If they keep up a fairly decent pace with referrals we should definitely get ours this year. It would be so wonderful if we could bring Zoey home before Christmas! Continue to pray that God has that in His plan. Also continue to pray for Zoey, her birth mother, the orphans in China, and all of the wonderful caregivers of the children there waiting on their forever families! WE'RE FINALLY INTO NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Homestead Hollow Weekend

On Saturday morning after Madison's ice skating class we went to BabiesR'Us to register. We didn't realize how many things we didn't have. We also couldn't believe all the new and cool stuff they have now that they didn't have when Madison was a baby. Madison thought it was the greatest thing ever to register. She held the little scanner and was scanning all different things that she decided we needed for Zoey. It was really a lot of fun!
In Springville, where we live, several times a year they have a big craft festival that is held at Homestead Hollow. It is really a lot of fun and we try to go for at least a little bit, if not to buy anything at least to EAT! We went this weekend and invited Vince's parents and brother to come. We had a great time looking at all the interesting crafts that these gifted people have created. We found this wonderful frame to hang in Zoey's room.

We had seen one similar a few months ago at this neat little boutique, but it cost a fortune, so when we ran into this one today I was sooooo excited. It's perfect!
We also bought this elephant to put on our porch. Come football season it will totally be sporting a certain teams banner! "Roll Tide!"